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Legendary Prague

Get to know Prague the way you haven‘t known it and let us arrange a legendary holiday in this legendary city for you.

About Legendary Prague

As we want you to fully enjoy your Prague experience, we will manage everything instead of you! We will provide one of our lovely guides speaking in English, French or Russian that will take care of you during the whole stay of yours. Transfers, accommodation and program – everything will already be planned; your only task will be to choose what suits you the best and to enjoy the trip! We offer wide range of activities. Whether you‘re looking for thrill or relax, parties or culture, or are an ardent fan of beer – Prague is the perfect place for everyone and we know all its hottest spots! We are the specialists in fun with long-time experience and we will gladly share our know-how-to-enjoy-Prague with you.

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Array ( [32] => Array ( [id] => 32 [id_activity] => 5 [title] => Legendary Chillout [country] => DAY TIME [slug] => legendary-chillout [description] => Are you tired of everyday duties and feel like you deserve to get a little spoiled? Then you‘ve just found exactly what you need – a whole range of activities full of spa, massages, fancy river cruises and sightseeing. Legendary Chill Out activities will remind you of how amazing it is to slow down a little bit and enjoy the day. For once you will be the one taken care of and we‘ll make sure you don‘t need to worry about anything at all. We know Prague very well and we have carefully chosen the places where our activities take place so that you get the best services, see the most wonderful spots and leave Prague as a new person! [img] => 56375897b7b52-legendary-chillout.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [33] => Array ( [id] => 33 [id_activity] => 5 [title] => Legendary Adrenaline [country] => DAY TIME [slug] => legendary-adrenaline [description] => Are you a person of action and wouldn‘t like to spend your stay in Prague just sitting in your room? Then you´ve just found the best source of inspiration full of crazy activities! Prague is a really fun-friendly city with loads of possibilities and we have mapped and tried all of them in order to provide you with the craziest, funniest and most thrilling activities to be experienced there. Combining sports and adrenaline is the perfect choice especially for bigger groups looking to have fun during the day as well. Ranging from the traditional paintball or laser game to the mind-blowing rafting they vary in the dose of adrenaline, and it is all tons of fun! We, of course, take care of all the arrangements. All you need to do is to choose what suits you the best and make a few clicks. [img] => 563755841a9e8-legendary-adrenaline.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [34] => Array ( [id] => 34 [id_activity] => 5 [title] => Legendary Food [country] => DAY TIME / NIGHT TIME [slug] => legendary-food [description] => We all know that the way to your hearts is through your stomachs and as we really want you to fall in love with Prague. We offer a whole range of activities focused on what we all love – delicious food and drinks! Whether you‘re a lover of the traditional steak and chips or would rather try something Czechs can‘t get enough of (like the famous goulash) you will certainly find your cup of coffee among our activities. Moreover, we have carefully selected the best restaurants and pubs for our activities so that you really enjoy yourself. We especially recommend you to try the famous Czech beer, as this is one of the biggest prides of this country. Fall in love with Czech cuisine and experience the atmosphere of local pubs and the taste of the one and only Czech beer! [img] => 563758a2b5bcf-legendary-food.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [35] => Array ( [id] => 35 [id_activity] => 5 [title] => Legendary NightLife [country] => NIGHT TIME [slug] => legendary-night-life [description] => We love to party and if you love it too you should definitely check our Legendary Night Life activities – because they are crazier, fancier and more fun than all the parties you have ever been to. Wanna proof? Join them and see for yourself! After long nights spent exploring the amazing night life in Prague we have selected the most awesome places and the most exciting things to experience there. The best clubs, the most famous pubs and crazy night activities like the cool Limo Ride or the wild Party Bus – sign up for one of them and try things you‘ve never even thought of! Let us show you the very best of the night life in Prague and get ready for an epic night. [img] => 563758ab32fb0-legendary-night-life.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) )

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